Authors are invited to submit original research papers, review papers, short notes exploring the technological advancments on following topics but not limited to,

Track 01: Cognitive Computing, Computer, Software

  • Artificial intelligence, computational theory and mathematics, computer engineering, computer graphics, computer networks and communications, computer networks and data communication, computer science applications, computer vision and pattern recognition, computer-aided design, general computer science, hardware and architecture, human-computer interaction, information systems, machine learning, signal processing, software, applications of AI and ML in various domains such as healthcare, finance, education, etc., deep learning algorithms and their advancements, ethical considerations and challenges in AI and ML implementation, IoT applications and solutions for smart cities, security and privacy issues in IoT networks

Track 02: Electrical, Electronics and Communications

  • Power systems, smart grid technologies, electrical machines and drives, electric vehicles and transportation systems, developments in electric vehicle technology, including batteries, charging infrastructure, and vehicle-to-grid integration, renewable energy integration and microgrids, electronics design and manufacturing, wireless communications and networking, photonics and optical communications, signal processing and image analysis, electronics and instrumentation, integrated circuits and embedded systems, mobile computing and communication, power electronics, power generation, transmission and distribution systems, real time systems, space and satellite communication, VLSI and microelectronic circuits, wireless communication, wireless sensor networks

Track 03: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

  • Renewable energy, solar energy, wind energy, biomass and bioenergy, alternative fuels, energy in buildings, energy efficiency, energy storage, thermodynamics, energy systems, energy analysis, sustainability and the environment, environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, general environmental science, global and planetary change, health, toxicology and mutagenesis management, monitoring, pollution, waste management and disposal, water science and technology, environmental analysis and methods, environmental protection material, forest cultivation and protection, geographic information, environmental safety and health

Track 04: Construction, Architecture and Transportation

  • Advanced structural materials, advances in civil engineering, architecture engineering, bridge engineering, concrete technology, construction management, earthquake and structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, green building materials and technology, road, bridge, and railway engineering, sustainable transportation, transport infrastructure, transportation safety, water resources, construction engineering and management, fluid engineering, surveying and planning

Track 05: Materials, Manufacturing and Chemical Engineering

  • Bioengineering, catalysis, chemical engineering, chemical health and safety, colloid and surface chemistry, filtration and separation, fluid flow and transfer processes, process chemistry and technology, biomaterials, ceramics and composites, electronic, optical and magnetic materials, general materials science, materials chemistry, metals and alloys, polymers and plastics, surfaces, coatings and film, advanced manufacturing

Track 06: Agriculture and Food

  • Technological advancements in agriculture, agriculture economics, value chain and agri business, sustainable water management practices, sustainable forestry and conversation, eco-intensive agricultural systems, interdisciplinary approaches to agricultural product development, socio-economic aspects of agricultural development, food technologies, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure transparency and traceability in the food supply chain, improving food safety and quality assurance, enhanced food recall processes and fraud prevention, efforts to reduce food waste across the supply chain through better inventory management, improved packaging, and consumer education, innovative food waste recycling and upcycling solutions.

Track 07: Education and Learning

  • Innovative teaching methods and pedagogies, technology integration in education, assessment and evaluation strategies, curriculum design and development, diversity, equity, and inclusion in education, lifelong learning and professional development, educational psychology and student engagement, global perspectives on education, special education and inclusive practices, education policy and reform, technological assistance in learning, analysis of improved the learning using technology, distance education

Track 08: Business and Marketing

  • Digital marketing strategies and trends, consumer behavior and market research, brand management and corporate reputation, e-commerce and online retailing, marketing analytics and data-driven insights, international marketing and global expansion, entrepreneurship and startup ecosystems, sustainable marketing and corporate social responsibility, marketing communication and advertising, strategic marketing planning and execution

Track 09: Healthcare and Medical

  • Telemedicine and remote healthcare services, medical imaging and diagnostic technologies, health information technology, wearable health devices and remote monitoring, precision medicine and personalized healthcare, robotics and automation in healthcare, biomedical engineering and biotechnology, healthcare analytics and big data, digital health innovations and startups, healthcare policy, ethics, and patient safety